Fee Tracking


4 Levels of Fee Tracking:



Single:    One fee applies to all Licenses of this Type



Multiple Fees for Amusements, Mobile Homes, anything licensed in quantity.




Base Fee


Minimum Fee




Fee Per


Maximum Fee




Simply set the quantity, and License Manager™ calculates the fee.



Combo Fees – Track any 2 fees, with descriptions, and meld them into the document.  Examples include




Beer License Fee


Liquor License Fee



Sum of Devices




Select the Serialized Devices that belong to this License, and the fees are automatically loaded from the Serialized Device File.




Options to track serial numbers for each device licensed.


Publication Fee is tracked separately from License Fee


Late Fees can be applied starting on a user-defined date


Retained Fees are tracked and reported at multiple levels


Optional Terms codes are user-defined

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