Control Features

License Control Features

Use powerful Control Features to put licenses together any way you need.


Date Controls


User selected Date controls allow you to determine the dates that licenses are Issued, when they become Effective, and when they Expire. 
LM calculates expiration dates!


Special Option Controls



Location Description


Issue Tags




Event Description


Serialized Devices




Bonding and Insurance


Business Description




Print preview


Trade Name Required



Fee Controls



Single Fee






Multiple Fee - Base Fee, Fee per unit, Minimum and Maximum Fee levels.



Combo Fees -  Define 2 combo fees, and their descriptions



Sum of Devices – The license fee will be the total of the fees for each device.


Print Controls



Sheet Licenses for each license type.



Multi-license forms print all of a customer’s licenses, or some of them, as you require.



Special 3.6” forms available for convenient mailing.



Wallet sized Operator’s Licenses.



Optional Header printing allows you to use pre-printed forms.



License Manager™ will sign and seal your licenses, too.


Paragraph Controls


There are 10 user-definable, user modifiable paragraphs for each type of license.
Set them up to meet your needs.


Heading Controls


Define the Heading lines for each type of license.