More Features


Resolution Printing.


Define the Headings and Footings for a Resolution.
Attach Licenses to the Resolution, and you’ve got an official document for meetings.


Public Notices.


A Public Notice is just a Resolution with a different Header and Footings.  Public Notice data can be exported to a data file for direct transfer to newspapers.


Invoicing and Statements.


Create Invoices for the coming year.  Send your customers Statements for upcoming License renewals.  Produces Invoices for Publication Fees, too.


Employer / Employee tracking.


Define who is an Employer in the system.  Assign Employees to Employers, and track which Taverns have licensed Bartenders.


Batch License Renewals.


Manual Licensing is easy, especially the 2nd year, when the Customers are all defined.  For real speed, use the Batch Renewal mode, to automatically create Licenses for the coming year.


View Licenses:



By License Type


By Customer


Customer's External Number


Store your accounting system's Customer Number for data exports.


View Dogs and their Owners.


View Customers by Business Type.